Scaling the human touch in Healthcare

About us

Healthcentrix supports Healthcare Providers, Insurance, Pharma and Device manufacturers companies in their Connected Health projects:

  • Scaling human touch with patients outside the clinic
  • Integrating solutions with their current clinical workflows
  • Implementing Health IT interoperability with different EMRs, Image Systems, Billing and CRM systems
  • Application of AI technologies such as NLP and ML to different Healthcare processes

Prevvy is a cloud-based Connected Health Ecosystem that provides patients, families and providers 24/7 access to their medical records and enables collaboration in care plans execution beyond the clinic.

Prevvy Connected Health ecosystem vision, and specifically our Prevvy Family Health Assistant, has been awarded by the department of HHS - ONC (press release)

Healt Assistants

Patients & Families managing their own health: Health Records, care and wellness plans and relationship with different providers

Personal Life Records

Patients manage their Health Records, importing from different providers, adding their Signal Vitals, Life Style and Adherence to their care plans

Care Plans as a Service

Doctors could define Care Plans with goals, activities for patients. Prevvy offers guidance to patients for the fulfillment of their Care Plans. The care team has access to the level of adherence of patients.

Patient Relationship Manager

Doctors can manage the relationship with their patients based on the management of their care plans, medical records, and communicating through chat and video conference

New Revenue Lines for Physicians

Different Prevvy subscriptions services offer new revenue lines for physicians associated to new Medicare reimbursements for Connected Health services beyond the clinic


Behavioral Health Management


Patient Engagement

Post-discharge Care Coordination

Google Cloud Healthcare Partnership

Healthcentrix is a Google Cloud Technology Partner, especially building Health IT solutions as Prevvy and with early technology access to Google technologies:

  • Health Interoperability Stores: FHIR, DICOM, HL7v2
  • Artificial Intelligence engines: Machine Learning, Natural Process Language, Imaging analysis
  • Genetics storage and Data analyisis

Technology & Innovation projects

Collaborating with our Healthcare customers in the definition, development and implementation of their innovation and digital transformation projects. With the aim of bringing the most advanced technologies to our clients, we make partnerships with the most innovative companies, currently creating new technologies for the transformation of the healthcare industry.

Personal Life Records :

  • Bringing together Health, Wellness and Adherence. Interoperabilty with differents EMRs, HIEs

Family Health Assistants :

  • Web, mobile, voice - chatbot

AI in Healthcare :

  • Voice Assistants
  • Proactive Health Management
  • Alerts and diagnostics form real-time patient data
  • Disease identification and risk satisfaction

Patient - Care team Coordination Communication Tools: IM and video